Friday, 7 November 2014


Rather than sit at my desk waiting for people to get back to me - I made an executive decision and spent the afternoon in the cinema. I went to see Interstellar. This season’s ‘Big’ film.

Review - of sorts, without too many spoilers.

It’s over 3 hours. It’s probably been edited down a bit, there are problems with some of the dialogue and character development that suggested a lot was left on the cutting room floor - and I really struggled with Mathew McConaughey’s accent - there were time that I just tuned out and let him get on with it. Visually - it’s superb, the story ‘sort’ of makes sense - but it’s only a movie and any attempt to apply common sense or real science is just pointless, the entire premise of the film wouldn’t pass as a Dr Who script - there are so many holes in the plot - well.. black holes, actually - at least one Super massive black hole, that if you try to think about it - you’ll get annoyed. There has been much talk about the quality of acting, but there are no Oscar winning performances. It’s a film, a very enjoyable, exciting bit of escapism - kind of like 2001 but with an attempt to wrap it up for people who can’t cope with ambiguity. I liked it - really, it was OK. I enjoyed being in the cinema on my own, in the dark, during the day, with rain and gale force winds outside - and it was a lovely distraction. But that’s all. It didn’t challenge me in any way, there were no big questions, no answers, a cardboard cutout of a bad guy - you could see that one coming a mile off, and a great robot - really, loved the robot.

When you come out - think of this. Imagine you broke a cup - you were so upset about it that you spent decades figuring out how to travel through time so you could go back, and not break the cup. Great... except... if you didn't break the cup... you wouldn't need to figure out how to go back in time.

By the time I got back to the studio - I’d finally had feedback from my clients - so I’ll be working all weekend. There was a brown envelope at home. I’m not sure if it’s the inland revenue to the council tax. It hardly matters.

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