Friday, 7 November 2014


It's raining - a lot, I may work at home. There are odd gaps in the torrential downpours - I consider chancing it, but I know for a fact that if I attempt the 20 min walk - I'll get soaked. My bike is in the studio, but I try not to cycle on the roads anyway.

I have quite a lot to do anyway, It won't do me any harm to be here in the quiet and allowed to concentrate. This usually means drinking a lot of tea. At least it's not cold.

Being up early - I made the mistake of reading the daily mail online - at least it woke me up, now have a headache.  There are two corking articles by Quentin Letts that take us right back to the 70's. An article about Karen Brady taking her place in the House Of Lords that has to be the most sexist, woman  hating piece of shite I've ever read - and a review of the NT production of 'John' - which is like something from the mid-AIDS hysteria 80's - I had almost no interest in seeing John until now - but I've changed my mind. Letts seems to have a very narrow concept of what the national Theatre is about - and that means cutting out anything he doesn't like - which by extension includes Shakespeare, Marlowe and John Ford.

In other news - this has happened. It's only a matter of time before we get a John Lewis.

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