Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Today was difficult. I had to be in Brighton at 8am - I was expecting a 1 hour meeting from 9 - 10ish - ended up being there 8 hours. Very, very difficult client, totally inconsistent and insecure, lots of conversations like -

"Green, do you think green, or blue - I like green, but I like blue as well - or red, but greeny blue and red, or greeny red - or blue, or green - do you think green - who else does green?"

It was exhausting, heartbreaking and professionally humiliating, and this is after we had put together some of the best work of my life - and both myself and the people I'm working with are effectively going to lose money on this - but we persevere.

Had a nightmare journey home, too depressed to report it now, got home so late I missed the Johnny Marr concert.

That is my life.

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