Friday, 17 October 2014


After an awful day on Wednesday and a couple of unsatisfactory meetings on Thursday morning, I did something I never usually do - I met a friend for lunch and went to the pub for the rest of the afternoon. I've also given up on this week and took the whole of Friday off, staying at home, in the peace and quiet - not actually thinking about anything. I really needed it. I'm invited to a couple of events tonight - but I think it's quite unlikely I'll go to either.

My mate told me an anecdote about Meryl Streep yesterday that just cemented my opinion that she isn't very nice. You can just tell.

I'm probably going to go into work on Sunday to make up time, tomorrow night it's Bonfire night here in Hastings, very large procession and giant bonfire etc - I'm probably going to spend the evening at a friends house o the route. Might take pictures. It's very pagan.

I had an ear infection a few weeks back - nothing major - but I still have a deeply uncomfortable pain under my jaw, lying in bed this morning I managed to convince myself I had something living in there, had convinced myself I could feel it move.

They are talking about body bags on the radio - I'm even sure what the context is - I'm assuming Ebola. I know a couple of people who are real hypocondiacs, one in particular almost had a complete mental breakdown during the non existent Bird Flu crisis, I expect they are already boarding the windows up.

I've accidentally become the owner of a large MDF studio set of alcoves - I'm thinking of making the front room into a studio - it will be ideal.

I have half an hour left to decide if I'm going out later - it's not looking good.

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