Sunday, 5 October 2014


Nice quiet day at home, for some reason have a hankering to watch The battle of Britain on DVD later.

Went for a meal at a friends house last night - fortunately realised that the sauce for the noodles was made with something called 'chicken meat powder' - gave it a miss and had just the pudding. We went to a couple of pubs after - including the one that's just opened that's very 'London'  full of people either from London or who wished they were there. Very nice place - lovely decor - great ceramic latrines in the gents - just too pricey for me. In the other pub our table was hijacked by a woman in her late 70's who insisted she's just been the mass, was clearly barking mad in a mostly endearing kind of way but occasionally started speaking in tongues. She only had one eye and professed to being a clairvoyant. She wasn't very good. Tried to convince us she was being pursued sexually by a man in his 40's.

I tried to get some money put f a cashpoint in Bexhill on Friday night - but it had already been stolen just a hole with wires hanging out.

Small dog has torn up the black and white lino in the hall, I don't know why - I'd only been out for a hour. There is now almost nothing of any value left that she hasn't wrecked.

There were thinks I wanted to do today - but I was too tired, I may need to go out for a couple of hours later so I've saved my strength.  It's been a lovely day - but the weather is clearly changing, brown leaves starting to appear now - rain and wind due. Wore a jumper last night. I look much better in a jumper - I'm not complaining.

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