Friday, 24 October 2014

7.15 am Friday morning, still dark.

Well, that's depressing.

I've managed to do about 10 days work this week - I'm exhausted. Managed to get everything finished last night and it's being presented to the client today, hopefully they will go with one of my routes - I'm presenting 5 - there is another route that was developed alongside. (It's branding and visual language for a new chain of pharmacists that will be popping up on the high street soon). You might assume that a high profile UK wide brand might be a well paid job, I can assure you it isn't - but I'm looking forward to seeing it on the 'street', as it were.

I'm out tonight, am going to see British Sea Power at the De La Warr with a full brass band - beat that.

Tonight is the opening of the new show by the Chapman Brothers at the Jerwood Gallery, I contributed towards the Artfund kickstarter so I guess that makes me a Patron of the arts, on the list of contributors is Nicholas Serota - so I guess I've gone up in the world. The exciting part (which alas I'll be missing ) is that my friend Michelle will be part of the event, tattooing Chapman Brothers designs directly onto 'punters' during the show. I'm not a fan of permanent body modification myself - but Michelle is a professional tattooist with her own business and very thorough. I think it's hysterical that they came up with the idea in the first place. The show opens to the public tomorrow. As part of my 'reward' for contributing - I received a packet of temporary tattoos. I won't be using them on myself. My tenuous connection to the Chapmans goes all the way back to being at college with them, living next door to one of them for a few years, and suggesting a house in New Cross to the older brother that he eventually bought. I guess that makes me very slightly famous in my own right, by association and anecdote.

The house smells really damp - not great. I could do without that. I'm actually off all weekend, having worked the last two - and hopefully I'll have some time to catch up. Mostly on sleep. It's still really warm, but really wet, and dark. Thick mist outside.

I seem to have quite a lot of work on next week. All the packaging I did for Dyke and Dean has already sold out - and the response from habitat, Heals and some European retailers has been fantastic - I have to capitalise on that. I'm doing some print work next week and later today I have to talk to the director of that documentry about French Connection. Still don't actually have any money and and tumbling into debt - but I have my health, just about. I caught sight of myself in the mirror the other morning and thought I looked terrible.

One of the dogs managed to get into my bedroom, she shredded the duvet - looks like it's been snowing in there.

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