Tuesday, 30 September 2014


It was dark by 7pm - that's depressing.

Work has been very busy, but very scrappy at the same time, more exhausting than it needs to be, and more frustrating. Having said that - I'm slightly ahead of myself.

We didn't win a big pitch - despite it being a BRILLIANT piece of writing, apparently we were too expensive ( we were not ) - the job went to a company who are so bland, unimaginative and dreary it made us all very depressed. Me in particular. I have to write another one tomorrow to retain a contract we have already won. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the effort

Sent loads of stuff off to print yesterday so I can relax a bit. Not much - as I'm shortly about to run out of money. I get that a lot.

Someone told me I looked young today - it's because I'd shaved.

On Frriday night - it's the ISTD awards ceremony at the De La Warr - I'm on the guest list but tickets are about £70. I'm already fretting the dress code. Later this month I'm going to see British Sea Power,  Johnny Marr and Willy Vlautin & The Delines at the same venue - and if I can get a ticket when they go on sale on Friday - Belle and Sebastian too. The De La Warr is really shaping up to be a first class venue.

I could not sleep at all last night - I'd caught myself watching the (terrible) 2009 adaptation of Day of the Triffids - it's what my mother would have described as being 'over excited'.  I probably grabbed about an hour in all. At least I didn't have any bad dreams.

A mate is going to see Kate Bush tonight - I cannot imagine how excited he must be. I bet he's delirious.

I had to leave the COOP tonight without buying any dinner, there was a woman in there so mad and dangerous looking hovering about the dairy counter bashing things about that I thought it best to leave - she was wearing comedy mad-lady clothes - an assortment of 2nd hand floral smocks, a fur coat and a giant straw hat with things stuck to it - she was throwing a chorizo about as I made my mistake. I had to go to Tesco - which felt worse.

Watched a few films this week including Naked Lunch - which I've seen before and really enjoyed, and an exceptional little British Thriller called 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed' with Eddie Marseden and Gemma Atherton that was a simple 3 hander in the vein of Shallow Grave and could have been stiff and stagy - but was actually fantastic.

Over the last few weeks, I've been struggling with a fairly difficult problem. Alfie the older dog is well on the way to grumpy senility now and quite a handful - he's ether depressed, asleep or very demanding, small dog is in peak condition, like a puppy - and has seized her chance to be top dog - bullies him about, steals his food and demands as much of my attention as possible - there have already been a couple of close calls between them. Alfie is too healthy and not too far gone to consider anything final - and too old to re-home, that would be cruel. Little Mouse is a lovely dog and worships me - but then she worships everyone, and everyone loves her. I think the only solution will be to re-home her and let her have the chance of a good 6 or 7 years somewhere happy, and Alfie can have a good year or so of peace and quiet. It's also really stressing me out too. Oddly - I've been at the point of making this decision a few times, and every time - they suddenly start behaving for a couple of weeks. Whatever I do I can see myself being subject to a lifetime of hand wringing and guilt as a consequence.

I still haven't had time to deal with the tax, the insurance and a PPI claim I've been trying to make for 2 years.  I could really do with a break, I'd love the opportunity to go to somewhere nice and stand around in a pink Jermyn Street shirt, pointing at fish on a slab - but - as I slowly sink into the underclass, there is less chance of that happening every year.

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