Sunday, 28 September 2014


Isn't there enough real news out there, why does the daily Mirror have to manufacture tittle-tattle. Entrapping silly, middle aged men by pretending to be someone else and persuading them to pull their pyjamas down is shitty gutter journalism of the worst kind.

The rest of the news is pretty grim or pretty dull - the monster that is Nadine Dories once again raises it's head, some people just crave attention.

Very hot today - like mid-summer, not like nearly October at all - the trees are still green and some are flowering, both of my bay trees are in bud and the garden is doing well, almost too well. It always does better when I leave it alone.

Tried taking senile dog for a walk in the sun outside normal hours, he waned to go out, but we didn't get very far. He's been sulking for days now. I left him lying on a blanket in the garden.

Managed to force myself to do nothing yesterday. Started today thinking I'd get on with things - but struggling to find motivation. Quite a lot to do tomorrow at the studio - I should really just relax and enjoy it. I was supposed to go to a party last night but couldn't face the interaction, I'm amazed anyone bothers inviting me any more. I went as far as having a shave.

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