Saturday, 27 September 2014


My neighbours were smoking dope at 8.21am.  I was trying to work out if I had any money left - then I read an email to tell me I'd won £17.80 on the Euro Lottery - so it's not all bad.

Did manage a phenomenal amount of work during the week - quite pleased with myself. Pretty much everything I needed to do was done. I've just realised it's much later in the month than I thought it was and I'm not going to have enough cash in the bank to pay my mortgage on Monday (I honestly thought I had at least another week - someone seems to have shaved 10 days off September) - this is only the 2nd time that this has happened in 15 years - so I'm not getting too stressed out - I am owed money and it's due - it's just... annoying. Not sure how to handle it - might see if I can ring the mortgage company today and stop them taking it out - it costs me money in bank charges.

So - we are at war again - 2 weeks after Blair was declared 'humanitarian of the year' and the week in which he was declared 'gay icon'  for apparently fixing society so we are all happy and equal now  the piece he wrote in response was full of references to 'his legacy', Really.

I had an awkward conversation with someone this week about money - they seemed to think that they should be paid by the government doing for doing voluntary work I think they have missed the point.

A big project we had pitched for has gone to a cheaper company - we had already cut it to the bone, unfortunately - there are too many agencies who will pick up work for no money because they need an 'in' - I actually think it would have been a nightmare to work on - so I'm just not that bothered - but it's a loss of earnings issue.

Senile dog is really working my nerves at the moment - every dog walk is a teeth gripping episode.

There are loads of very small, dead spiders on my desk - have no idea where they came from or what killed them - I'm not wearing glasses so there are probably many more - I don't want to put them on because it will just remind me to clean this keyboard.

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