Sunday, 17 August 2014


I'm in work today - have a photographer coming over later to drop off some stuff he's been shooting for me and I need to really get ahead of myself - have quite a few deadlines looming at the moment.

Cycled over to Eastbourne yesterday for the Airshow - as expected, the roads were gridlocked, in situations like that - drivers express their frustration by blocking the cycle lanes, so there was much riding on the pavements. The town was busier than I've ever seen it - I wasn't that impressed with this years line up - mostly small aircraft (I really don't understand the point of wing-walkers) and training craft - no big hitters, except the display by the last two Lancaster bombers - which was very impressive, and very agile they were.  Wile I was wandering through the town I overheard a very posh woman in her 70's who looked like she's come down from Pimlico for the day tell her companion 'My God, this is worse than Cheltenham". I've never been to Cheltenham - and now I'm sure to give it a miss.

The last two Lancasters.

On Friday - I went into Waterstone's for a quick look at the new stock - plenty of really interesting new books gearing up for the big Xmas season - I had a battle with myself over spending £15 on a new book when I already have quite a lot of stuff unread or unfinished. Later that evening I went for a quick drink with a friend, 2 rounds and I'd spent the £15 I was at such pains to save. No wonder I never go out.

He was telling me about his lodger who spends much of his time 'away' working in security - the last few weeks in Libya escorting embassy officials out of the country at double quick speed. Apparently the French were very calm and relaxed about the whole thing, packing their expensive suitcases and waiting for their cabs in the bar - the English and Americans were shitting themselves.

I'd forgotten we have another event' lined up before bonfire night - it's shortly to be the Seafood and Wine festival - which is not the same as the Seafood festival, or the Beer festival - they are at different times of the year - it's just one big piss up after another here. Gets tedious after a while - dunno where people find the money.

Talking of money - am seriously considering getting the house scaffolded and doing the roof repairs myself.

Yesterday, after I got back from Eastbourne, I realised I'd spent the whole day with my jeans over my pyjamas - I have a feeling I must have just dragged them on for the early morning dog walk and forgotten - at least, that's my excuse - it's either that or I'm going senile.


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Hi Richard - sent an email to your googlemail address

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Cheers Bill - received and responded, many thanks!

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