Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday Evening

Awkward day. Went into work very early -caught up on a few things and then in the spirit of trying to be practical and make good use of my time - cycled over to Bexhill and looked at railway sleepers, giant sacks of pebbles, garden fences and timber cladding. back in Hastings I bought several tubs of caustic Soda and some frozen broad beans. I have stuff to do, but not enough to make me focused and motivated. I came home early to try and get to grips with a few jobs around the house - but everything depended on something else being done first, which in turn depended on something else being done before that. The only solution to this house is to gut it, or burn it. Small dog decided to improve the quality of my day by tearing up the last remaining scrap of bathroom floor. Didn't appreciate that. Walking the dogs later that afternoon - senile greyhound suddenly decided that he lived somewhere else - he picked a house at random and insisted that he was going to go inside - had to drag him away. Bit sad. Years ago in London I had friends in Islington who looked out over a house where an old woman with dementia would turn up every afternoon and try to get in - her key never fitting the lock. Apparently she had no connection with the house whatsoever and the owners had given up being kind and just ignored her until she shambled away - confused and distressed.

The other event of the day, was of course Eastbourne Pier burning down. I was there on Saturday - watching it burn down live on the Internet was sad and surreal, people in swimwear sitting on the beach with picnics as it blazed away. That's the third pier I've seen burn now.

I was happy to be home this evening - tonight is yet another 'big' event in the Old Town - the so called 'pram race' with a sort of parade and thousands of people in costume drinking themselves silly.

I have to walk to work tomorrow, flat tyre - left the bike in the studio, I'll fix it in the morning.

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