Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday PM.

A client I did a small but difficult job for has insisted on paying me properly - even though I'd decided to do it for free as a 'pitch' for more work. Quite chuffed about that - it will pay for a skip next week.

Work was very unsatisfactory, so I left early and walked home. For some unknown reason, Hastings town centre was full of stupid, fat, annoying people drinking and shouting - and a massive number of people in wheelchairs - must have been something happening that I don't know about. I walked through the old town and was amused to see there were 4 antiques shops with stuff in the window that had been bought from me at the Jumble sale a few weeks ago. I lucked out and bought 10 classic tea towels for 2 quid each - even though they are on sale at 5 quid each a few doors away - and a load of vintage cake moulds that came from the store room at the back of the local posh bakery - cleaning them off in a bath of caustic soda now, paid about 2 quid each for them too. I also picked up an old print sample book for £3 - and found an Edward Bawden copperplate inside.

Came home in fierce sunshine - back to the reality of my house falling down and no funds to save it. Someone on Facebook was talking about Margate - I had a look at the property prices, astonishingly cheap - but it does appear to be a town that defies regeneration.

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