Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Up early - spending the day in London. Slept well, considering I ate about 3lbs of cherries last night - felt quite trippy afterwards, apparently they are full of Melatonin, works for me. I'm actually sick of them already and giving away about 10 bags today. This doesn't even scratch the surface.

Did loads yesterday - hopefully today will result in more new work - I need the money, paid off a bit more of my tax bill yesterday and all my end of month bills - mortgage goes out today - dread looking at my bank account - will be very overdrawn. The rest of tis month will be on a tiny budget.

5am this morning and next doors cat was sitting outside the dining room glass door, about 6 inches away from my hysterical dogs, totally calm. 

This is a really interesting article and deserves thinking about - I used to really struggle with local H.E. students who had little, if any concept of the world outside Hastings, exposure to life encourages kids into education.

Big excitement for today is actually a trip to the new Foyles superstore on Charing Cross road - the old St Martins building - have been looking forward to this - I may be some time.

Hastings has a reputation as a town with a (friendly) drinking culture, this says it all. I once thought I'd found a dead body in the snow when walking the dogs in the country park - turned out to be a stuffed gorilla in a field, it was gone the next day - must have sobered up and gone home.

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