Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday PM.

It's suppose to be raining, it isn't - that's every day this week that the BBC have got it wrong. It's hot and muggy, not in a good way. I've already eaten far too many cherries from the tree in the garden - I now remember why I gave so many away last year. While I was out there - next doors cat was scratching on the other side of the fence, which is why the dogs get stressed out and bark - not a lot I can do about that - it also sunbathes on my kitchen roof, which also annoys them - and frequently comes into the garden, and on the occasions I've left the kitchen window open - into the house. It's a very sweet cat - but it has a death wish. If the old woman next door moans one more time I'm going to tell her I'm thinking of building an extension and blocking out all the light on her side.

Good weather means motorcycles along the seafront - this weekend it's mostly men in their 50's and 60's wearing elaborate leathers and expensive sunglasses, their motorbikes look very retro and authentic, and expensive - I expect they all work in advertising.

When did toothpaste become so expensive - a simple tube is up to £4.00, and they don't last more than a few days.

I was supposed to be at an event last night - I managed to get as far as the front door, but changed my mind. I'd had something approaching a confrontation after having a load of my work mis-credited (again) and I could feel something bubbling up inside me that made me think I should keep away from people and alcohol for a while. I generally feel bad enough about myself most f the time anyway - having that 'I've been walked all over again' feeling was particularly strong yesterday. I'm compensating by spending today at home and watching a film for about the 400th time - I suppose like most people I feel a lot safer at home, same principle with the repetition of re-watching something. Not in the mood for the challenge of anything new.

While I was out yesterday - I saw the strangest sight, my local MP wandering aimlessly about on the seafront looking quite disorientated, I have a feeling she probably thought the same about me.

Here she is, I have a feeling that's the only jacket she owns - never seen her in anything else.

One other thing I saw was a Ford Escort - I remember them as a kid, they were everywhere - and roundly mocked as ugly, cumbersome cars, none of my school friends would admit to their family owning one. I think it was something to do with the clumsy headlights. This one had a modified estate section that seemed to clip off and looked like a hearse - it had a sign on in the window, apparently there is an Escort Appreciation Society - frankly - I thought it looked fantastic.

On the walk home, I came across this telegraph pole, it's practically gone back to nature - I've read articles about mobile phone masts being designed to look like trees, not very convincing - this worked far better.

Along the same stretch of path - you come across this house - it's next door to the property that 'Foyle' lives in if you are a fan of 'Foyle's War'

I'm planning on spending the evening software training (seriously - it's never ending, go freelance and spend the rest of your career being left behind ) and eating more cherries. I'm probably going to watch Dolly Parton close Glastonbury - I think it will be interesting, and probably quite good. Not quite as good as Radiohead 2003, but who could be.

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