Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday. A very dull post.

I didn't go to work today, instead - I cleared the garden, not nice - considering how dry it was and my dreadful soil exists in two states - dust or concrete. I also tidied up everything, removed anything that wasn't thriving, and cut back the cherry tree carefully - after stripping it (another bucket of fruit on the table...). After that - I started to dig out the last of the hardcore from my old patio - 40 rubble bags of it, probably another 20 left to dig out. I'll repeat that.... 40. My hands are covered in blisters, I've had too much sun and I'm pretty whacked - but it's all good - I needed the exercise.

Next door came out and had a fairly friendly conversation - they are hoping to move at the end of the year - putting money down on a plot for a new build, and getting a lot of work done on the decor "we don't do decorating" - they are also getting in a landscape gardener "we don't do gardening" - which is fair enough - might shame me into action. They are also having work done on their roof, there is, I suppose, an opportunity for me to muscle in there - if only I had the money.

Lunch was 2 egg custards and a large strawberry trifle - reduced to 99p.

I took some cherries over to the house opposite (I'm that desperate to get rid of them!) - they rent from the house from the couple who were there before, really lovely people - they were about to go on a round the world motorbike trip but the husband was knocked off his bike just round the corner and is very disabled - they were awarded a huge amount of money in compensation (not that anything can really compensate them) and now live up the hill in a larger single storey adapted house. The couple who now live opposite are friends of theirs who needed somewhere to live - the house looks fairly plain from the front but the garden is SPECTACULAR from the back. He works for a civil engineering company - always handy to know.

It's the charity auction early tomorrow evening, I'll go into work a bit late and go straight from there - I'll be taking all the cherries with me, my gums and teeth now hurt from all the fruit acid. The girl next door told me that she was on a new diet and could have 'fruit infused water' during the day, so the cherries came in handy.. but she made a pie for the evening.

It's been another beautiful day, and will be tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. I honestly don't remember the last time it rained.

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