Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday PM.

I'm at work - it's nearly 5pm and I need to be somewhere later so I'm just catching up on a couple of bits of correspondence etc.

I spent half the day in the garden, digging up more hardcore - and was eventually thwarted by the concrete plinth I discovered that probably supported an old coal bunker. I could borrow a pick axe - but I'm not so sure it's worth the effort (which probably means I'll think about if for a few weeks and do it anyway. I now have 60 bags of rubble. Here are some of them.

Now that I've reached a natural 'stopping point' - I need to buy some railway sleepers and some kind of decorative aggregate etc - I'd actually quite like beach pebbles. It's illegal to just take them off the beach but they are available commercially. I finished at about 1pm, just as my hands were about to give up. Next step is another skip - but that costs money and I'll have to be very wary about that. Might be next month. I've flattened out the bit that's dug out and used some of the many bricks I found buried in the garden so I don't end up with a mud bath when it rains. It now looks like this.

The original ground level was the same at the top course of bricks to the right.

After all that - wandered into town, taking with me the last bag of cherries - practically giving them out to people in shops. They are all gone now... except the last bag, on my desk - looking at me, disapprovingly.

Last night I had a very strange dream - I was booked to work by someone I knew for a day - but they have moved their office to Warrington (I have worked in Warrington before - it's not somewhere I'd recommend. I met Kerry Katona in a bar there - I made a quick exit). Warrington is an odd town with strange and confusing local transport - in my dream - I needed to get a bus, a cab, a train and a tram to work - at one point I popped out to get some lunch and got lost - and was unable to find my way back to the office and had to call the police for help. The reason this dream was strange wasn't to do with anything that happened - but the strange fact that I've had a number of dreams over the years, all different - but all with exactly the same transport system. I'm not sure what that means.

I'm looking forward to an end of the celebrity pedo trials - they are getting too depressing - although I fear there may be bigger, uglier scalps out there to come. I think it's shameful that Andy Coulson only got 18 months for his part in the phone hacking scandal, and Brooks nothing.

I'm going over to the Charity auction shortly - not sure what to expect - seriously can't afford to buy anything - so I'll just loiter at the back.

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