Monday, 7 July 2014


The apple keyboard at home has inexplicable failed - only about half of the keys work. I have no idea what caused that - I'll have to buy another one later. An expense I hadn't anticipated. I'm using a laptop - not my preferred method of data-input.

Rather than do anything practical yesterday aside from basic cleaning and about 10 loads of washing, I cycled to Bexhill instead and went to the De La Warr. The exhibitions were all closed for turnaround - but the shop was open. I actually found something I contributed to - and am credited for. That cheered me up. After that I cycled home and made a pretty good tomato sauce.

As you arrive at the De La Warr, there is a small and well hidden area with 4 cycle racks in one corner - I was just locking up my bike when a middle aged ( mid 50's) couple arrived on posh bikes wearing expensive leisure wear and regarded me with absolute horror - I assume that they considered this to be 'their' space. Very Bexhill. On the way home I dropped into the giant new M&S out of Town store - Bexhill people are different, they wear a lot of M&S, look clean and well scrubbed, and seem to think that shopping for overpriced separates and accessories is very, very important.

I'm working in Brighton today, it already looks like it's going to be quite hot. Two meetings at opposite ends of the town. I'm going to try and wangle it so at least one includes a cheap lunch.

I've reached pedo-scandal saturation point, depressed that the early news suggests that it's going to rumble on for the next 2 years. Lets just pretend the last 30 years never happened.

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