Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday PM

Arrived at the studio early - large group of street drinkers already there - hanging around outside with many cans of Fosters from about 7.45am - all in high spirits. Later when I wandered into town, I saw many more - must be a 'special' day for street drinkers. Also noticed that the current trend for tattoos is now 'full sleeve' - as opposed to last years craze for oversize neck tattoos ( where have they all gone?). There are very few men without 20 - 30% of their body covered in blue ink.

Cycled into work today - bit uncomfortable at first but soon got my nerve back. I'd forgotten how many people seem to enjoy walking blindly into the road, or making a run for it on the cycle path. I also rode over to Bexhill at lunch time to see the Otto Dix etchings - very good, but harrowing scenes from the WW1 trenches. Someone should suggest the show to Tony Blair. There is a show of 'recent' British paintings downstairs - I didn't like it, except for one Frank Aubach - the rest looked like student work. One consisted of a twig 'found object' painted blue and stuck on the wall. That joke isn't funny anymore.

It's either too hot or too cold, depending on the clouds. It was cool at lunchtime so I took a major risk and had a vegetable casserole with vegetarian dumplings - it was only £2 from Morrissons. You get what you pay for, they always try to pull a fast one with these things and sneak in swedes and turnips.

The Jerwood gallery is running an Artfund appeal to bring The Chapman Brothers back to their home town of Hastings for a major new exhibition - which will involve trawling through the town, buying up 'art' in the many galleries and 'improving' it. I'm really looking forward to it - although I doubt that may of the local artists will get, or appreciate the joke..


Anonymous said...

Agree about the Bexhill art, Auerbach head and shoulders etc, but the Leon Kossoff I liked also.
You've got a cracking good gallery in the Jerwood I think

Grey Area said...

I saw the Kossoff and yes, it was better than most of the show - but I was already pretty disheartened by the painted twigs and went and sat on the beach instead.

Nobody's Business said...

Painted twigs, landscapes, still life - all the same really - overdone. And most artists are "doneover" by the ruling class.

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