Sunday, 4 May 2014


Really lovely morning. Slept well last night, mostly - badgers in the garden set the dogs off at 3.30am. I was able to sleep with the bedroom blinds open - the LED street lighting is directed away from my house, so it was perfectly dark - really pleased about that.

Working my way through de-decaffeinated coffee then I'm going to clean the bits of the house that I didn't do yesterday. Small dog has caused so much damage to the bathroom floor I ended up removing it. Feel like having a ruthless clean out - last night I deleted 8,000 old emails going back up to 10 years - quite pleased about that. I'm going to do some money admin later too and get on top of that, not feeling quite as depressed about things as I was yesterday. I have plenty of invoices to write.

Stayed home and watched a load of films last night as I worked my way through my digital history - drawing a line through old jobs, shallow friendships, failed relationships and pointless alerts, updates and reminders.

The house at the end of my street, on the corner - which faces towards the 'posh' houses - has been painted and spruced up by the owners, I have a feeling they are going to sell it - they even replaced all the window glass. A couple of my neighbours have started paying more attention to their front gardens as well, I'll have to keep the momentum going.

As it's 'Jack In The Green' weekend in Hastings - I can hear the sounds of drums, Morris Dancers and drunken revellers all day drifting up from the Old Town - I'm probably going down to the procession tomorrow - it goes past a mates house and I'd rather see it from the comfort of his front garden that amongst the crowds. It's grown to absurd proportions of the last few years and we are expecting 30,000 motorbikes to road through. They shoot up and down the hill when they get bored so I get the rumble and roar of engines for half the night.

Better get on with it before the Archers starts. That would just wind me up again.

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