Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Despite being half Spanish, I really can't manage more than 20 mins in direct sunlight. Spent a couple of hours at out annual Jack In The Green festival, and the equal amount of time in bed recovering, was very pleased that I decided to leave before everyone started drinking. The weather was lovely for everything else - and it was a day not unlike all the 'fun' parts of 'Te Wicker man' and a kind of mass hysteria that you only get in hastings. There were also about 30k motorcycles, which make quite a lot of noise.

Yesterday - I paid as many bills as possible 'forward' - and a chunk of my tax bill. If you have been a long term reader of this blog, you might remember a time when I had a large debt and spent 2 years focused on paying it back at an accelerated rate - looks like I'm back to square one with that - I'm very good at living on almost no money - and from this point on, I'm going to go to a lot of trouble to pay as little tax as possible, and claim on everything I possibly can. I've set up a new accounting system which should make it easier for me to build up an expenses record as I go along, and I'm determined to get this particular monkey off my back as soon as possible. It's going to mean that, once again, my entire life goes onto the back burner - but I'm used to that by now.

Today, for the first time in 10 years - I managed to misjudge the picking up of dog poo. It isn't something I ever want to repeat.

Everything that is wrong with society is in this article, primarily, the author.

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