Saturday, 3 May 2014


Worked really hard last week - so frankly, I'm pretty exhausted now. I have finished almost everything and will be spending part of the weekend writing invoices, I got home at 9pm last night and watched a film. They have finally put up the LED lighting on my street, and it's lovely - clean and white, you can see better - but now you can see the stars. I really hate sodium lighting - that orange glow reminds me of the street light outside my bedroom when I was a kid, horrible.

Last week was very hard work - I had to be in London during a tube strike and attend a meeting where I was never really going to come out of things well unless I played nice and just told people what they wanted to hear. So I decided to grit my teeth and get on with it. That hurts. Being in London for the day meant I lost another days work - and that project has now meant 4 whole days out of the office, including expenses - it's cost me about as much as I earned, so hardly a 'win'.

This leads me onto something else. Despite yesterday being hard work - I was quite cheerful because I knew that it was the last day and I could have a whole weekend off. At about 11am my mobile rang, and a woman announced that it was a 'courtesy' call from the Inland Revenue. I'm not sure what courtesy is meant to mean to some people, but she continued in a very threatening manner. I wasn't happy about it. Essentially - I'm 8 weeks late on some money - less than I have in outstanding invoices - mostly due to losing a lot of work at the end of last year when a couple of clients left the sector. I wasn't expecting it, but have worked really hard to make the work up. I don't owe any money anywhere else, have already submitted my accounts - which actually reduced the amount owed by over £4,000 - and am ready to start paying big chunks off now with money I have already earned. I really don't need this - and they are charging me a fortune in interest - I'm minded to say that they should spend their time chasing people who fiddle their tax and go to great effort to pay nothing. I've never, EVER avoided paying tax and probably only claim on a fraction of my expenses - but you can be sure that I shall now go to every possible effort to avoid paying as much tax as possible. To make it worse - they called again this morning, less that 24 hours later - that's a bit 'threatening' to say the least. Too tired and too stressed out to think about it now. It reminded me of all the people who owe me money (nearly everyone I've ever had a relationship with) and a few friends I've helped out in the past who have never returned money I loaned them. Don't need that playing on my mind.

I honestly don't understand how I can work so hard and still struggle - it's not married people who should get tax breaks, is up poor bastards with single incomes.

Had a really bad dream last night, bumped into someone I had a seriously relationship with, and they were with someone else. Woke up really depressed.

Lots of self indulgent bleating about Peaches Geldof in the papers, already turning her into a silly icon. If the exact same circumstances had happened with a poor, black girl in a bedsit - nobody would care.

Jeremy Clarkson being on a 'final warning' is a joke. It's pathetic.

One of my neighbours has put up a UKIP poster in their window. I won't be talking to them again. I don't actually like her much anyway.

Stephen Sutton, the boy with cancer who has raised a phenomenal amount of money for charity - has been given an unexpected period of remission and allowed home - reading something he put on his FB account yesterday - he said that he was happy - but exhausted by the emotional trauma of being told for the 4th time he was about to die and making his peace with it ( I mean, he's 19 FFS) - the article I read was followed by several hundred comments, many of which suggested he was faking the whole thing to make money. People never fail to disappoint.

Last night - the 'blip' came back - phenomenal number of hits on this blog for no reason whatsoever.

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