Monday, 19 May 2014


Very productive day. Sold some ceramics to someone I know and dropped them off before work - and popped into Morrissons early - it was empty, and, deep joy! They have decaffinated filter coffee - so I bought bulk.

Had some more correspondence about the legal / copyright case that's looming, wrote a statement earlier and made the very kind offer to give some time to the people who have ripped off my client and advise them on how to develop their own brand - a gesture, I know - if it can clear the whole thing up - I'll be delighted.

Did quite a lot today, also ran some errands in the heat - saved by walking along the seafront, no actual cool air over the English Chanel - but it looked nice.

Have been in an oddly reflective mood. A girl I knew at school ( I went out with her for a while) has become Facebook Friends - I generally have no real interest in my school friends, I was spectacularly unhappy there - but I have kept 1 or 2 friends. One girl ran away to join the travelling community, got arrested at Greenham Common, lived on a bus with a baby etc - and then, turned her life around ( as such - not that there was anything wrong with what she was doing ) and is now the head of drama at a very prestigious and highly respected private school. Another friend ran off to Bristol and has a career editing publications - but this one girl just seemed to vanish, well - I moved away and although we kept in touch for a few years - I never knew what happened to her. I did remember once her telling me that she wanted to be an occupational therapist - but I had no idea what that was. The thing is, all I really wanted to do was get away, well - run away - really. I was very unhappy and ever since I was old enough to think for myself - I had just wanted to leave and have a life of my own, I didn't really think anyone else thought the same way - and so I didn't really engage with anyone, I never expected anyone else to do anything with their lives, so I just left everything behind me.

Anyway - back to the point - the girl I was talking about - she's done Ok. She's one of the most respected clinicians in the country in the field of child motor development, supervises PHD students, lectures to the Royal Society of medicine, has a teenage son who has just won an award for political writing and is a very active member of a cycling team. She's also helped create award winning TV programs for children and is an expert in Dyspraxia - I watched her being interviewed on Breakfast TV on Youtube last night - and despite being the same age as me - looks about 20 years younger. I really should have more faith in people, and myself.

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