Saturday, 26 April 2014


Another phenomenally busy week - was still at the computer at midnight most nights - but have managed to get loads done, mostly quite successful - had to cope with an conference call yesterday, I hate the bloody things. I'm off today (It's raining ) and back at work tomorrow. London Tuesday and the rest of the week working in-house. Looking forward to a couple of days off at some point - not complaining, it's all paid work - even if I only get paid for half of what I'm doing.

The palpitations have stopped - I'm assuming it's the switch to de-caff ( I was drinking A LOT of coffee)

That weird thing is still happening - the number of view to this blog gets bigger every single day I don't post - almost at a geometric rate.

Freakishly horrible news - a friend of someone I work with has been found crushed to death at a refuse recycling unit  - presumably after finding his way into a large bin.

One of the stranger things I've had to deal with this week is getting an email at 10.45pm - just as I was about to shut down the computer - asking me to put together a large illustration for a store group for 8.45am, the follow up included the comment -"we love it - but can the block of flats look more like Lincoln Cathedral"

The local B&Q closes down today. I'm not bothered, really - its past it's prime. As soon as they knock it down, the better.

I had the excitement of having to call the police this week. Talking (via email) to someone I regularly work with the other evening who has a studio a few doors from mine, she said that she was working late because a large group of drunk street people had taken up residence on the front door step and she was to scared to open the door - by coincidence - at that exact spot earlier in the day there had been a photo call with Yvette Cooper and a number of local big-wigs and the police, triumphant about the success of their 'clear the drunks of the streets' campaign. I called the non-emergency number and the police were excellent - sorted it out straight away.

Still in the process of waking up, it's taking longer than usual.

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