Sunday, 2 March 2014


It's nearly 7pm, I'm exhausted - I feel pretty rough, like I'm coming down with something - but I just think it's shellshock after the last few weeks stress. I had a choice between going to bed early - and having a drink, so I'm watching The Satanic Rights of Dracula with 4 cans of Budweiser. I have the dubious pleasures of a vegetarian fry up later - if I can be bothered.

One of my neighbours threw 25 vintage flags and pennants into their skip - mostly naval stuff, probably 1950's. They are safe in my house.

I build some timber frameworks in the loft - partly to make it safe when I'm working up there - and partly to gauge how much work I need to do before I start working up there - I'm going to need to do some plumbing and electrical work first. I should take my time - it's not the sort of thing I want to repeat.

Gave my old cold water tank away to someone who is going to use it to grow carrots. At least, that's his story. I did loads of clearing up and throwing stuff away this weekend. I'm terrible for hanging onto stuff, it really does hold you back. Among other things, today I came across a small box with my baby teeth in it - which creeped me out - and another box with my mothers dentures. I don't usually have this sort of thing lying about - there are still boxes of things I have left over from when she died. I found some boxed perfume bottles - the 'Joy' smelled exactly as it did 40 years ago - the Chanel was the colour of wino's piss and made me gag - I'll assume it's gone off and isn't supposed to smell like that. I felt quite ill for some time afterwards.

Done about 70-% of the washing backlog - have determined to get a skip later in the week and am gearing up to a really busy week at work - and a full on fight with the insurance company.

It's the Oscars tonight. I used to be interested in stuff like that - not at all motivated today.

We'll probably have chaos in Europe by the end of this week - I wish these fuckers would just grow up and stop behaving like kids.

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