Saturday, 1 March 2014


It's cold, the weather has been bright and sunny, there was a lovely sunset and it's one of those full on Party nights in Hastings where everyone is in the pub listening to live music, except me. It's called 'Fat Tuesday' and based on Mardi Gras - there will be about 60 bands playing this weekend - and carnival type stuff, none of it is my cup of tea this week.

It's been a week of two halves - very good and really, really shit-storm bad..

The new washing machine arrived, I actually like it - it's quieter and neater than the old one, does not lurch about during the spin and has a digital display that tells you exactly how long you have left - which is something I have always wanted. It was only £220, and a higher spec than my 7 year old one, that cost at least twice as much. Progress.

I've had 3 serious work enquiries this week, 3 good projects, all decent people to work with - all came to me based on work I have done before. That's good - a bit of optimism in the last, fading weeks of my terrible-so-far tax year - I needed the lift. I'm going to be a judge at the ISTD awards in London again later this month - really looking forward to staying in a 4 star hotel for free.

On the flipside, after a week of being fobbed off by the insurance company - I had a short conversation with a rude woman who said that the Loss adjuster has denied my claim, I knew that was going to happen - I could just feel it creeping up on my. To make it worse - the report misses out most of the damage, and totally at odds with what the Loss adjuster said to me at the time - he was quite clear on the day that most of the work was covered, agreed with me about everything and his last words to me were - 'do you have anyone lined up yet - don't worry, we have contractors that can take care of everything for you'. Clearly I'm going to fight it - but I didn't need this. Apparently next door has water coming through and it may be because of me, I don't need that. Turns out they rent their house from his parents. Explains a lot.

I had some stuff to do at home today but have been in a pretty crappy mood - have the symptoms of a pulled shoulder but actually it might just be stress. have lost my appetite and had a Milky Bar for lunch in an effort to cheer myself up.

Read today that they are filming a new version of Mapp and Luccia just up the road, that will be interesting to see.

Need a haircut, look like shit, am in a terrible mood and really, really don't need any more crap this week. Quite a lot of work to do next week so I'm going to try and knuckle down and just plough through. I have about 20 loads of washing to get through. Need to hire a skip for all the fallen plaster (at least £200) and am seriously looking at the prospect of having to borrow money to get the roof repaired. I've not felt this tired of run down in a long time.

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