Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday PM

Lovely day - real sun. Just as I’d finished cleaning the house and sorting out 2 nights dinner in the slow cooker, I had a call to go joint dog walking with a couple of friends on the beach - we also sat outside a cafe in the wonderful sunshine. This evening - my Facebook page is full of people posting pictures of the sun setting over the sea - we’ve all forgotten what that looked like.

Other excitement today, I popped over B&Q to see if they have made any attempt to re-stock the garden centre, they hadn’t - but on the way back, a Tesco van swept around the corner - back doors open, and a basket of groceries shot out of the back and skated along the road. Everyone ignored it except me - so I gathered it all up and took it over to the house opposed ( In know the owners) - we eventually manned to contact Tesco and explain what had happened (not as easy as it should have been) and the driver called me back 4 hours later - he’s collected the stuff and was very grateful. That doesn’t happen every day.

I’m watching an episode of Father Brown with mark Williams - I’ve been binge watching them all - they are staggeringly shit - I think the constant editing mistakes, playing it for laughs script and random plot changes are intentional - it’s such rubbish, I’m actually enjoying them. Each episode, the cast appear to be well know character actors who are not working much at the moment, hamming it up for all they are worth. Tonight it’s Sylvestre LaTousel, the one before starred an elderly woman of about 80 who gave a rollicking and rather fruity performance, she looked quite familiar - checking the listings I realised it was Caroline Blakiston - she has aged enormously and very quickly - she used to be staggeringly handsome.

A friend has asked me to change my Facebook profile picture because I remind her of an X and every time she sees it, she’s gripped by rage and disgust.

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