Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wednesday PM

I'm watching part 2 of the Sandbrook series on The Cold war. Enjoying it. No point trying to explain to anyone under 30 what The Cold War was like - possibly ... something along the lines of the early parts of Terminator when Skynet is just gearing up for armageddon, and has sent us an email to make sure we knew what to expect... in fact, Google gone bad is probably a good description.

Still struggling at work. Bullied ( ... that's actually a bit harsh ) into an early studio Christmas lunch in 2 weeks.

Very cold now, heavy frost last night, feel like sleeping all the time. The Kitchen sink is still out of bounds except for very light use until the weekend, washing machine is unplugged.

Hastings was full of hard faced girls pushing prams, scowling through the freezing rain with faces caked in powder and hair scraped into absurd, asymetric shapes. I saw one young couple who both had a single tear tattoed under their left eye.

I've managed to transfer my iPhone to the new iTunes account and synch it with all my devices - but I've lost the films I'd bought and all the audio books, including my complete John le Carre.

Working in Brighton on Friday - presenting a load of work I've barely started... better get in early tomorrow.

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