Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I came home early - the kitchen sink was clocked and I’m managed to pend £7 on a decent quality sink plunger. Sadly - it may have been a bit too ‘quality’ as the first plunge forced dirty, fetid water out of the washing machine pipe and the whole U-bend arrangement collapsed, more water, more filth, more despair. I’ve said before that everything in my life turns bad - can’t even depend on the most basic plumbing arrangements.

I went to see Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein at the cinema yesterday - Cumberbatch as the Doctor - Johnny Lee Miller as the monster. It was very good indeed, but clearly not the wonderful spectacle it would have been if I’d been able to get a ticket. There was someone in the audience who insisted on talking all the way through - he’s actually seen the play on the stage and was giving his companion a running commentary. I restrained myself.

I’m watching a documentary about Kim Philby - it’s very good. I needed cheering up yesterday and spent about an hour in Waterstone’s - came out with a Muriel Spark and the new Penguin imprint of Eric Gill’s Essay on typography.

Not being able to check my bank accounts is a bit of a problem, I’m waiting on a couple of invoices to be paid - I keep putting it to the back of my mind. Work is stuttering a bit - I could really do with a bit of inspiration.

Went to the dental hygienist today - she’s happy enough but always finds something to complain about - I suspect that if there was nothing for her to complain about she’d burst into tears. Actually - I quite like her - but at £40 per session - I should.

It’s much colder outside today - but the house is actually tolerable…. I think this might just be sheer force of will rather than the quality of my loft insulation.

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