Thursday, 14 November 2013


This post has been improved with the assistance of a pair of glasses.

Not really ‘feeling the love’ this week. Worked in Brighton on Wednesday - it was spectacularly sunny - the office faced the sea, people were on water skis and there were posh little speedboats flying about. At home, just along the coast, it was choppy, overcast and cold. The train was full of people on phones who were angry and shouting at someone.

There has been a murder in the Old Town, woman in her 50’s. Had to walk past the scene earlier. No details as yet, but a man arrested. The art gallery below her flat was open for business. Lots of yellow tape and people taking pictures on their iPhones. I didn’t.

Finding work quite difficult, have to try and catch up tomorrow and get ahead of myself.

I was supposed to go and see Richard II at the cinema tonight. When I went to collect my ticket, turns out I was 24 hours late. What a cock, it really has been a difficult week. The bloke said it had been packed. Like I said, this week really isn’t working for me.

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