Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday evening.

Had one of those days I'd rather forget. I intended staying at home to fix the lighting downstairs while I have the chance - instead I had to rush into work in a taxi to do something that took 10 mins. I sat there, pissed off, wishing I was at home with the pissing down rain, howling wind and thick grey mist outside. I decided to do something practical and run up to Morrissons to buy a new winter duvet - they are very good value there, I can get what I wanted for a tenner. I ran through the rain with my head down - and accidentaly gatecrashed the 2 mins silence in Priory Meadow square. Humiliating. I'd forgotten.

I decided to try and hang about in the studio and do something practical - but after half an hour my mood had dropped to the point where I needed to get out of there - I'm busy tomorrow and working in Brighton on Wednesday. I walked home in the pissing down rain - when I arrived, it seemed as if the dogs have been playing musical chairs with the furniture. I'd had enough. I went to bed for 3 hours and slept. There was no point in kicking the dead carcass of Monday.

While I was in town, I saw a middle aged short woman in a lurid Leopard skin onsie, bleached hair with black roots and red tips - like Toyah had escaped from a travelling production of The Lion King and had gone feral. It was a terrible site.

I was going to have a rant about Nadine Dories - but I can't be bothered.

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