Sunday, 24 November 2013


Kept is quiet yesterday - didn't go out in the evening, doubt I'd be missed - and I really don't like that bar anyway. The new light in the kitchen ( there is only one - the other cant be fitted until I rewire ) fused last night - I think it's just the LED bulb - but they really should last longer than 10 days. The lamp in my bedroom also blew a bulb. This is getting tedious now. I also need to re-plumb the kitchen sink. It occurred to me that because the sink drains through the kitchen wall and into a drain that is open - I don't actually need a Ubend or sink trap - that might make life a tiny bit easier for me - depends what I have to hand. I need to do it today - I have no clean socks and getting the washing machine back on is pretty important.

I have two invoices that need to be paid next week or I won't be able to get through the end of the month. Tedious. Asking people to pay their bills feels like begging. It shouldn't.

I have a specific amount of work that needs to be completed tomorrow - mentally geared up already - and them more that needs to be done by the end of the week - and that 'might' be if for 2013. Having time off will be nice, but I'm not getting paid for it.

The Mail on Sunday is suggesting that Tony Blair and Wendy Deng had an affair - the rumours have been banging around for a while. I hope their are true - just out of sheer malice.

I didn't watch Dr Who last night - I'm probably the only person in the world who missed it. I refuse to watch live TV without a license, I'll watch it later today. I did catch the film about William Hartnell, I thought it was pretty good. Except for little bits that Mark Gattiss always manages to shoehorn in to remind us that he 'owns' popular culture (and Reece Shearsmith was a terrible mistake). Also - I cannot be the only person who spotted the actress Jean Marsh at the end in a crowd scene - even though she wasn't credited - perhaps she had a role that was cut, but the camera did pick her out a couple of times - maybe she's a friend of Mark's.

Ed Milliband is on DID later - I have this overwhelming feeling of dread, I'm quite sure that he has terrible taste in  music and too honest to get an advisor to select the tracks for him to save his image.

On the early morning dog walk, there was a strange noise on Edgar road, on top of one of the houses was a group of about 20 large and very noisy crows - like something from 'The Birds'. Very sinister.


mark said...

I'm so old and un cool and unbothered about it that I'm rather pleased Ed is true to himself and the music that means something to him. SO tired of all those 'advised' twats who seem frightened of revealing anything real about themselves. However 'cheesy' a guardian commentator declares it. Taste and style police suffocate us.

mark said...

ps WHY ANY living creature would want to fuck Blair is beyond me. Absolutely nauseating.

Anonymous said...

I suppose he's a step up from Murdoch!

Richard said...

that's debatable...

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