Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday Morning

Got up at 5am, not sure why.

Miserable weekend. Fixed the kitchen sink - but not the washing machine outlet - decided that a combined drain was just too much trouble and will set up an independent one next weekend. I was shocked at how much dust and dog hair had collected behind the kitchen units in just 2 weeks.  Didn't fix the lights - couldn't face it. I bought a couple of cheap table lamps from B&Q a few weeks ago - they look ON, they have already started acting up. Probably the electrics, but they are fused units so - essentially - junk. Can't even put new plugs on them.

The government is selling 900m in student loans to debt collectors - I said that was going to happen years ago. They don't say how much for  (or how little), and they don't say how much profit the private debt collectors intend to make. T&C's not affected. Bullshit - just look over to America to see how it goes. The government used to make grants - which cost money, but the return was a more educated, socially mobile young workforce who earned more, paid more taxes and invested in society. Now we have a higher education system that makes money by churning out as many graduates as possible with high levels of debt, a government that as created billions of pounds worth of debt for itself, and a couple of generations (and counting) of young people who are less socially mobile, mired with debt and devoid of professional and personal ambition.

Finally watched the Dr Who film, quite liked it - well put together - be curious to see the budget - was better than most expensive films. had almost totally forgotten all about it within 10 mins. That's probably the point. Also started watching a doc by George Clooney about the Kennedy Assassination from the POV of the press - but after about 20 mins I realised it was really about Clooney, really boring and probably bollocks. Watched 'Killing Kennedy' instead. Big budget - Jackie appeared to have been played by Sally Field and most of the money went on making Lee Harvey Oswald as sexy as possible. He was also married to someone from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - very confused. At the end - the demands on the girl playing Jackie to actually do a bit of acting proved to much, and she just stood around pretending to cry.

I didn't speak to anyone all weekend - this was probably a good thing, I wasn't in the mood. I'm going to go into work early and try and get everything done I need to today and finish as early as possible.

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