Monday, 4 November 2013

Stuff happens. Monday

I had a lot to do today, this included paying my rates bill in full (I was law on the last monthly payment), paying my studio rent, paying my mortgage, paying a £70 National Insurance bill ( I always forget that one ) and other small but equally annoying expenses. I also came to the conclusion that my iPod really is dead… a sad moment.. and realised that I actually need a new phone. A quick trip to the EE shop confirmed that it would cost £100 to buy me out of my existing contract so I could upgrade. However,  to both mine, and the girl in the shop’s surprise, I could have a new iPhone for free - neither of us expected that. So. I have a fancy new phone. It’s very nice. I shall probably lose it somewhere.

In the store - the limitations and failures in the new design and layout were clear. It’s actually quite a cold, drab environment - a long, thin shop with tiny benches for service on one side and a customer ‘bar’ at the end. This means that you have to queue, in a long line, one at a time - which puts anyone off and intimidates the staff - and all it takes is one idiot to come in and create a fuss to turn the atmosphere from bad to worse (not me, this time). The girl who served me was very nice and did her job, but the computers were slow and the queue of idiots behind me didn’t want to wait. She also had a very bad cold. After a few moment a middle aged couple came in and started making a scene, they had an immensely complicated issue regarding an iPhone, an iPad, and a kindle - all bought from different places, all with different suppliers and contracts, all with different carriers - as far as I could understand they had bought some credit (seriously - about £4) on the phone sim rather than the iPad, which was faulty - (possibly either the charger or the battery), and they wanted a refund on an item they had bought somewhere else, and the credit they had bought from a different supplier for a different device with a different carrier. They were idiots, the mistake that the EE bloke had made was in offering to help by looking at the iPad to see what was wrong with it, and telling them to come back in 10 mins when he’s had time to examine it. This gave them carte blanche to assume he’d promised the world. They were very rude and aggressive - in a way that instantly tells me that they KNOW they are in the wrong and taking the piss, but just going to shout their way into a resolution. bastards, people like that really piss me off.

I’m now waiting for a meeting with a client, he’s coming straight from court where he is being sentenced for a traffic offence, I’ve asked him to text me if he gets banged up.

You know that thing when you are in an open plan office when one person decides to have a lunch that’s microwave heated and regardless what it is, it smells awful. Yep. right now.

I think I’ve caught that girl’s cold.

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