Sunday, 3 November 2013

Later on Sunday

Today has, in all honestly, been rubbish.

I've just finished watching the National Theatre broadcast from last night, it was Ok, a bit safe, but that's what those things are supposed to be. I'm sitting here now with a bottle of cheap wine in a cold house, trying to cheer myself up.

I got up early, had breakfast - and rather than start something I couldn't finish, made the decision to go to town and pick up some essentials - this included foot powder - very low on the glamour stakes, and and cheap toothpaste.

I needed new socks, I hate buying stuff like that - they always disappoint, I tried to be balanced about it - looking at everywhere to see if I could get away without pissing away money I don't have. M&S seemed to be the best bet - they had plain socks at a quid each in packs, but there was nothing that inspired me to buy then - a very dull place. Debenhams was a cold, soulless experience, the glut of trashy Xmas stock cheapened it even further, who buys this shit? BHS was the bottom of the barrel. In the end, I decided that I might as well make the effort and walked to TKMAXX in St Leonards - a couple of miles away. I'd underestimated the Xmas factor - it was packed to the doors, mostly frightened looking men who had no idea what they were looking for, and angry, possessed looking women who were on a mission to buy for men they wanted to re-style. The sock area was a nightmare, I had to deal with an elderly couple that 'owned' the space, and seemed to be putting every single sock through a series of elaborate tests before pronouncing them all wanting, I had a feeling that the old boy was reconciled that these may be the last socks he ever buys, and wanted to go out on a high. I ended up with some fairly decent grey socks and a pair of Pringle Argyle socks for special occasions. I also bought a decent pair of wool gloves and a black wool hat that doesn't really suit me. The rest of the stock was really tacky and the customers were idiots - as usual, a woman followed me around snatching up anything I looked at, and one woman literally snatched a shirt out of my hand after I'd spent too long looking at it.

I walked back - in all I've managed about 8 miles today... all to buy a couple of pairs of cheap socks - with every intention of trying to have a decent afternoon. sadly - not on the cards. Small dog greeted me at the door then led me into the front room to present me with another gutted chair and cushions stripped and de-stuffed. I was very close to complete mental meltdown and an act of unspeakable violence. Really don't think I deserve this. You know that scene in Jason and the Argonauts where the old blind bloke is tormented by Harpies. That's me.

I'm watching an old 1940's Sherlock Holmes and seriously thinking about going to bed (It's about 7.30pm). This time of year is depressing enough, I expect it will just get worse.

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