Saturday, 2 November 2013


Last night I watched all 3 hours of Grayson Perry on taste - it was very good indeed, although it did seem that it had been edited down from a much longer, possibly more challenging series - but sadly - that's how TV is these days. It was curious that he had far more affection for the 'honest guvnor' working class group, and a humbling servility (unconscious, I think) for the 'posh' people - and yet a sneering (again, unconscious) distaste for the middle classes - the group he admitted that he identified with himself, but then, they really were all drawn from obvious cliche - and I suspect - looking at the final artworks, that a great deal of in between in all sections had been edited out.

Had an email to say that I've been paid by a client, have not actually checked yet - if it turns out to be wrong, It will ruin what weekend I have, so I'll leave that one until Monday.

Very depressed by the news reports that Paul Gambaccini has been arrested, I had a conversation with someone last week about him - whilst having no opinion about him myself, career wise - it was noted that he seemed to be the only person in his industry who hadn't been under suspicion, and I felt that it had a lot to do with him being the only one who has always been honest about his sexuality - even during the 80's - and so had never had anything to hide, even when he would have been a soft target for bigots. I think also that the fact he has been arrested now - and told that he will not be any formal proceedings against him until January or February at the earliest - is very wrong, there are parallels with this case, which is very disturbing indeed. As to his guilt, I have no idea, but I do know someone who has worked in that industry for decades and is famously indiscreet - but has never once had anything bad to say about Gambaccini. It's also worth noting that Nigel Evans ( who, frankly, I'd never heard of before his arrest) who is facing a raft of criminal charges - one of sexual assault which is - and I'm not making this up - "he touched my bottom as I brushed past at the bar of the House of Commons".

I've just made the most disgusting cup of tea imaginable - but in the spirit of austerity - I've drunk it.

The weather looks shit again all weekend, the house smells damp, senile dog is being very trying - he's standing in the doorway staring at me - I have no idea what he's after - probably wants me to remind him how to get onto his chair again. His trick now is to repeatedly remove all the bedding from his chair and then cry until I put it all back for him.

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