Saturday, 2 November 2013

Saturday PM

Nice day at home, fixing stuff up, cleaning, getting caught in a really nasty squall, making a sausage casserole and shaving - not my favourite pass time, the lump from the ingrowing hair on my chin made it much worse. To make it worse, I've notice that recently my hair has gone very grey - so i made the mistake of looking at the back of my head in the mirror - I had no idea how bald i was - the clear patch has now descended all the way down - I look fucking terrible, the only thing I could do was shave the lot off, which felt like a huge admission of personal failure.

I'll be watching 'The diving Bell and the Butterfly' tonight - something I've been trying to do for several years but keep getting distracted. looking forward to it.

The COOP has gone 'Christmas' with hanging banners and window stickers. All it has achieved is to demonstrate just how bad the new re-branding exercise - it looks wishy-washy, over complicated and confused

Yesterday - I came to accept that my ipod has died. It's been my best, and often only friend for about 7 years - I need to buy a new one. To make it worse - I tried to get rid of some of the water inside the screen by following the instructions online and simply managed to badly scratch the inside of the display, typical - after looking after it really well all these years. An ipod classic will set me back £200, which is exactly what I'm getting paid for working for a record company earlier this month producing a type style for a girl who works with Calvin Harris. Ironic.

I did check - I have been paid, alas - the payment crossed my mortgage Direct Debit and I'll have to pay bank charges, annoying - but easy to resolve. I'm going to pre-pay my phone bill for a year to cut the cost down and have a scout about to see if there is anything else I can economise/compromise on, but seriously... what's left?

I'm working New Years Eve again - this year it's a Warhol Theme - they want me to be more involved - not sure how I feel about that. I suppose it's a distraction. This will be the first year for a decade when I can't even hold the pretence of being in a relationship. I think I'll just get a lot of beer in.

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