Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Horrible weather, got caught in the rain, very wet - glasses steamed up. As compensation I met a friend for lunch in a pub in the old town, had the best salt beef sandwich I've ever tasted, and went home.

I think I may have the flu.

Bit of a mental block at work  and the USB3 post on my very expensive external hard drive seems to have been damaged from 'occasional' use - and only works if you hold your finger on it - and get cramp.

I've developed a really sore mouth - either burnt from hot tea/food - or an infection because I'm run down - eating is horrible - except for cold, live yoghurt.

Mentioned to a couple of people that I'm thinking of moving to Eastbourne because the transport is better - this was greeted with much scorn and derision, I am now mocked every time I go on facebook, I think that's a little unfair.

I'm really struggling with a project at work - it's really difficult anyway, I shouldn't beat myself up about it - I'll have it done soon - but I'm not great with failure - well, not professionally, I'm used to failure in the general scheme of things, but I hate looking stupid in front of a client.

Talking of which, a client asked me to quote on something and gave me a deadline - it's an important piece of work, and I know that they don't want to pay properly for it - they have not come back to me with a yes or no yet, I know what's going to happen - they will wait until there are less days left than my estimate. My carefully considered response will be 'if you don't give a shit about your brand, neither do I'

I can't remember if I confirmed that I want to change my insurance payments from annual to monthly - it could have big implications.


Steerforth said...

I just find Eastbourne infinitely depressing, without the Hastings' redeeming Bohemian charm and eccentricity. The people are mostly really rough, overweight and poorly dressed, if the Arndale's anything to go by, and the only other types I see are the elderly, foreign students and SAGA holiday visitors from the north.

I don't see many poncey Guardian-reading types like me.

I suppose the older bit of the town - where Camilla's bookshop is - is better and they do at least have the Towner Gallery. But if I had a choice, I'd pick Hastings, with all its faults.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

it's the transport - getting to London and Brighton is tiresome and inconvenient - however, Eastbourne is just a flirtation - I have no specific plans!

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