Thursday, 17 October 2013


I've taken the day off, I slept very badly and have all the tell tell signs of flu - so I'm not taking any chances. Typically as a self employed person, nobody in the professional world has noticed.

I have a very sore throat - it's one ting that I cant abide. Last night - whilst attempting to take extra care brushing my teeth - I coughed, and the toothpaste 'went down the wrong way' - it was very unpleasant and if someone had wanted to euthanise me - they would have a ten minute window of opportunity when I'd have welcomed them with open arms.

According to my neighbour - the ghastly pink colour that the big Villa behind my house has been pained is, indeed - a genuine Farrow and Ball colour. Last night one of my neighbours had an Ocado delivery. It will be trendy wine bars and artisan delicatessent next. I expect the COOP to be offering Craft Beers by the weekend.

Reading exerts from the Morrissey autobiography has been unintentionally hilarious - if you always imagine that Alan Bennet or Charles Hawtree are the narrator.

The spell checker on this blog isn't working - read at your own peril.

Yesterday - the pub I had my Salt Beef Sandwich in, had lit a fire - it was lovely. A very odd pub, the fire is situated right in the middle of the room - like something from a medieaval torture chamber - there is a vent - but the air was thick with woody smoke. Better get used to it.

My mother would have been 80 on Saturday, it's depressing that so many people get to 80 and are fit, healthy and still look great - yet she was in terrible physical and mental health by the time she died. She had a lot to do with how things turned out - but the circumstances around you make such a difference.

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