Saturday, 26 October 2013


As we are about to be blown away by a gale fore wind over the weekend, I've double checked on my insurance, I'm right at the top of the hill ad very exposed here - the trees are mostly still in leaf which is another problem - and I've stocked up on candles. I'll be very disappointed if we don't get flattened - my insurance company were kind enough to email some handy hints in case of mass destruction - I struggled to understand why I should put plugs in all the sinks and weigh them down - until I realised that raw sewage may be forced up through the pipes in a flood type situation. I saw a TV program once about flooding in some part of Britain, I think it was Boscastle - there was a home movie some fool had put together that included a scene where a man stood in his living room as the waters rose to waist level, giving running commentary - "there goes the TV, there goes the DVD player and the XBox. It didn't occur to him that  he could have just taken them upstairs.

Talking of insurance, as I walked into work yesterday, a group of fire investigators were standing outside a row of posh houses on the west hill, having a cigarette - one of the houses belongs to the people I regularly work with - I assumed it was something to do with a neighbours house who had been fully scaffolded - but actually, it turned out to be theirs - the main fuse box / consumer unit under their stairs had burst into flames at 6am. They had already been decamped to neighbours - it was a '2 engine' job.

Work was good this week - managed to get quite a lot done, and really enjoyed it. If the weather on Monday is really bad, I'm taking the day off, but I'm quite happy with the way things are going. I need to get a few invoices paid - or I'll be 'embarassed' at the ed of the month again - but I can't do anything about that over the weekend.

I think I've already drunk too much coffee.

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