Monday, 28 October 2013


A post about the weather.

Pretty windy and squally yesterday - really kicked off at about 2am, not as much rain as promised, but there has been some very severe wind, a few tiles off the roof and damage to the parapet on the gable end and the kitchen roof, I doubt very much that the insurance will cover the repairs, so that's Xmas ruined. I'll need scaffolding for a start. Had a power cut earlier, fortunately - it was just after I'd made a large pot of coffee - so I was happy to sit in the dark and drink that. I will need to dog walk shortly - not looking forward to that - they really like the wind, shall be keeping away from trees and tall buildings. Difficult to sleep last night - not so much because of the wind bashing the house, but the strange, metallic, cymbal like sound of the sea crashing against the shingle beach, echoing around the hills and the valley.

The care home at the end of the road has put xmas light up already.

Don't have any real strong feelings about Lou Reed, he was too early for me - and not the most generous person in the world. Just listened to a speech he gave last year - seems to believe his own mythology as much as his super fans. The Daily Mail have used his obituary to bash the BBC. Give it a break.

I had a dream about Angela Merkel last night - I can't remember the details, but she came out of it very well.

Rebekah Brooks goes on trial today, I'll be getting my knitting ready later today.

Apparently - most of the wind will be over by 10am - great - I need to go to work, have a lot to do before tomorrow. Getting bored with it already.

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