Monday, 14 October 2013


A rather weird day - I am 'pretending' to work for someone else - they are padding their studio out because they have clients down from London and a few people are away. Normally I'd be happy to do them a favour and work from their office - but I'd much rather be at home. A large seagull has been sitting on the window still squawking at me, tapping on the glass and begging to be let in. Upstairs there is a flat that has been let to someone with hyperactive children, they are bouncing up and down right above me.

Earlier today - I had a brief twitter exchange with someone reasonably well know in certain circles - I occasionally supply them with reference material - they retweeted my link, and within about 20 mins thousands of people had seen what I'd sent and either retweeted or favourited my info, some of them quite famous themselves - none of them were interested in my, I gained no new followers - but the woman who wrote Belle Du Jour did favourite me,m which add a small frisson of excitement as compensation. Alas. I know my place.

My gums are really sore for no credible reason, it'a probably something I've dome that wouldn't effect anyone else - I had a glass of wine about 10 days ago - it was probably that. I expect all my teeth will fall out now.

had a 20 min conversation yesterday with someone about a house they are trying to sell, I thought it was very cheap, turned out they were talking about Clacton rather than Clapton.

Apparently - the weather this winter will be much worse than at any time in the last 100 years - although this information came from the daily Express, still trying to work out the Diana angle on that one.

Read an article about a woman who has only eaten raw fresh fruit and vegetables for a decade - she looks fantastic. I'm eating cheesy-chips.

Woman in the COOP yesterday at the till, very pregnant, very, very jumpy - buying a bottle of californian Blush and demanding as many packets of Paracetamol as possible - they said they had none, she made them check out back, under the counter and on all the shelves. I've been told that paracetamol is OK for pregnant woman, but she was, to use common parlance, totally wired.

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