Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Forced myself to come into work early again. I have a set list of things to do today - just to take my mind off the fact that even my pathetic quality of life appears to be totally unsustainable. I'll be doing a budget later and probably crying in the toilet afterwards.

The dogs have slept for 24 hours, had an early ( short ) walk and gone back to sleep. I feel so flat at the moment I haven't even unpacked my bags from Sunday. It was staggeringly cold this morning, should have worn a jacket and a pair of gloves to cycle into work.

Fascinated by the pickle that Obama and Kerry find themselves in, being forced to accept the Russian suggestion on Syria because the result would be exactly what they claimed was the aim of 'surgical' military action, looks like we have a few weeks relief from more chaos.

There is an Apple expo later today, more things I will need but can't afford - although I am looking forward to seeing how much the 'low cost' iPhone comes in at  - my iPhone 3 is a bit on the slow side, to say the least.

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