Monday, 9 September 2013


I had to force myself to come into work today, even for a couple of hours, terrible anti-climax.

The good weather is gone - much cooler and very wet. I had to make my way over to the kennels first thing to collect the dogs. I caught a bus as far as the Conquest Hospital - so you can imagine the follow passengers. I loathe catching the bus, it always fills me with panic and dread. One woman held the bus up as she needed a couple of extra drags from a cigarette - but the driver was a decent sort. Getting out of his cab to help every woman with a baby and buggy ( that's all of them ) and refusing to let a girl with Down's syndrome leave the bus until he was quite confident she knew where she was.

I managed to get caught in a lot of rain, took an hour to walk the dogs home - they didn't mind - straight onto their chairs and fast asleep - a long weekend of over stimulation and a big walk had worn them out.

Still suffering the massive come-down from being back, very grim down here today. The house needs so much work and I am pretty broke for the rest of this month.

I'm only going to do a few things today - I want to go home and sulk. I watched 'Jubilee' last night. Every time I see it, it's a different film.

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