Sunday, 25 August 2013


Rained for a straight 24 hours, garden needed it - everything has gone green again. It's burning off now and will warm up again for a few days.

Did very little yesterday, had a proper day off. Watched some bad films, including a Swiss sci-fi film called cargo that was actually pretty good indeed.

Next week looks a bit bumpy, it's the end of the month, a short week, I'm supposed to go to a wedding on Friday and I have quite a bit of work to do.

Best bit of advice ever on the radio "when writing a book, leave out all the bits that people skip over".

Probably read too many papers yesterday, gave me a headache. An opinion piece in the Independent by Howard Jacobson was the most prissy, self important, snobby, shitty pile of arrogant crap I've ever read. He reminds my of the way London has gone, smug, self important and self indulgent. I realised last night what it reminded me of - that scene in the film version of 'Children Of Men' - because there are no children and no future - it has become a 'me' generation, everyone is self absorbed, pleasure and indulgence orientated, looking after themselves, guiltless, thoughtless and blinkered. Wandering around with exotic animals for pets, behaving as badly as they liked.

There was an excellent piece on the blog of journalist Mic Wright yesterday that totally sums up my feelings towards a cabal of journalists who really think they rule the world, I wish I'd written it myself.

The most important thing on the comments part of the news on radio 4 today seems to be the large, stupid, ugly tattoo on Cheryl Cole's arse - if she wont's to spend the rest of her life looking like she's wearing a pair of dirty granny pants, that's her affair. No mention of the holocaust in Syria - probably not photogenic enough. Actually  that's debatable. One wag with more wit than I has commented that her tattoo is actually from the final edit of Citizen Kane.

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