Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Monday

You can tell it's a bank holiday - Ben Hur and The Longest Day are on the telly.

I like Bank Holidays, there will be no emails or phone calls - and nobody watching over me as I waste my day. I have complete freedom to do nothing, and complete freedom to feel very guilty about it later.

Nothing much in the papers, well, actually - quite a lot - but nothing I want in my head. I was thinking this morning during the long dog walk that there are already groups of grey men in suits in boardrooms talking about the economic gains to be made post-conflict Syria, seriously - don't think it hasn't already happened. One of them is probably Blair, who reminds me more and more every day of the Sam Neil character in the Omen films.

Read an interesting article yesterday about the Journalist Ed West - self confessed right-of-centre with a special interest in immigration, a subject I don't agree with him about - in an interview for his latest book he comes out with the fantastic line -   "and liberals tend to have lower fear levels than conservatives, which is why they're often nicer people". 

He's an interesting journalist from the wrong side of the fence to me - I think his problem is that although he's often right about things, he sees everything through the prism of his church - and believes that religion is a force that makes society cohesive and stronger - which is fair enough, but In my experience it's a force for fear and oppression, and control, so we'll just have to disagree.

Also today, an article about a very successful A level student arguing against changes in the education system. It's in the Independent, which you could assume would have a more liberal readership, but the comments section quickly descent into homophobic bullying, sexual insults and even comments about how bad his teeth might be, does he have sex with goats, and should he have a sex change. You can see my comment - I am apparently the only person left in the UK who uses their own name and not a 'nom-de-internet', still waiting for my first death threat - but it won't be long.

I had intended going for a bike ride today, but I've just realised I've left my bike at work - which is probably why I have not tripped over it this weekend.

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