Sunday, 18 August 2013


Indifferent weather, might get better - might get worse.

Spent most of yesterday in bed, fast asleep - feel much better now. Woke up at 6am accordingly and walked the dogs. More washing and cleaning needed today. I ought to check my bank balance, but I don't have the guts.

Had to go out and buy coffee early this morning, there was a copy of the Sun on Sunday on display, apparently Katie Jordan Price has given birth to another child - her star must have waned considerably - as this is no longer world news. She's decided to call it 'Jet Riviera' - seriously. Possibly after the place it was conceived, potentially an aircraft toilet, - the poor like bugger will be nicknamed 'Easy Jet' as soon as it gets to school.

Finally got round to watching the Sondeburg film 'Contagion' yesterday - it's actually pretty good - there is something quite satisfying about seeing Gwyneth Paltrow die in agony, and knowing that she's responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. She was cast perfectly. It was a pretty good film, well paced and full of ambiguities that made you think, rather than laying it all out in front of you.

Wondering if I should go for a bike ride later, have not organised any work for next week - I might get something through later  (yes, I know it's Sunday) - dental hospital appointment on Wednesday and quite a bit to catch up on. I have no money - so there is no point doing anything interesting.

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