Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday PM

Once again, spent big chunks of today asleep, or watching bad films. I just took the dogs for a walk, and all the chips I've eaten over the last 10 days made their presence well known. I've managed to get through more carbs this month than in the previous 12.

Earlier today, I managed to watch a about half of an absurd TV movie from america about a giant plant, seeded from something left over from the garden of eden, that was eating America, I actually quite like these modern, biblically themed end-of-days crap-fest movies. Lots of bemused looking TV actors trying not to laugh at their lines and assuming expressions of 'awe'. I couldn't watch it all - I meant to check the credits to see if it was funded by a church. Later I watched the trailer for the new film about Diana starring Naomi Watts, it looks far worse than I expected - like the Iron Lady, but with even less dignity - and destined to be a camp classic. I really don't understand why they made it - really, really bad idea.

Talking 'bad idea' - I've just been reading the news reports about Glenn Greenwalds's partner being arrested during a flight transfer in London. I spend a lot of time trying really hard not to lose my temper about things - but regularly fail.

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Boadicea said...

It's getting worse everywhere. The UK is as much a police state as the US now, and does their bidding. I'm sure it happens here too, although we don't hear about it. Luckily we are just living in our little bubble and people tend to live and let live. Not looking forward to our trip back to UK in September - running the gauntlet of all those speed cameras etc, but as the van rarely goes over 50mph I guess we should be OK.

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