Sunday, 7 July 2013


Over the last 2 days - I have moved about 2 tons of earth and terraced up the garden, built a bulkhead from railway sleepers that would probably give the Hoover Dam a run for it's money - and finally flattened and levelled the whole garden. It's much higher up now - about a foot, and feels very 'high' and separate from the house - I like that. I still have loads to do - including bagging up about a ton of rubble and earth - and then figuring out how to actually get 'up' to the garden - looks like I'm going to be building some stairs - but I'm very happy with everything. Have lots of blisters and a badly burned neck. The dogs consider my actions as some kind of strange insanity and are avoiding me.

In addition - I replaced the grill element in my cooker. I've been meaning to do it since I bought a new element at Christmas, at least I won't keep falling over the box. It's was £90 and the third time in 12 years I've had to replace the element, but as the cooker is brilliant and still looks new - I'm happy.

I'm having a quiet half hour with the paper. I'm not interested in the tennis, but if Murray wins, there will be a thousand barbeques and the air will be thick with drunk women shouting over garden fences and the smoke from burnt sausages. There will also be an incredible queue at the off license - I'm planning an early night.

Whilst digging for England - I mused on Friday night's event in London - I was stunned at how sophisticated and self aware the students were - granted, I was looking at the top 50 design students in the UK, but they bore no comparison to how I was at their age. A different world. They all looked, well - fantastic. Good luck to them.

I have just read - very probably- the single best copy line ever written, in the Independent on Sunday - an article about using your mobile phone at the supermarket checkout.

"Mind your frozen peas and queues".

Whoever wrote that deserves a Pulitzer. For the record, anyone using a mobile phone at the checkout should be taken outside and beaten to death.

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Steerforth said...

My favourite was an article about the Salon des Refus├ęs called 'Salon Selective'.

When I managed bookshops, I always told the staff not to serve customers who were using a phone. It's incredibly rude.

I saw a man buying sandwiches in M&S. He appeared to be talking to the sales assistant, but he was actually making a hands-free phone call and looking through the woman, as if she didn't exist. What a tosser.

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