Saturday, 6 July 2013


I went to the ISTD awards at Pentagram in London last night - really enjoyed it. It was quite an odd experience - the last time I was there was 22 years ago when I had an interview, it was a disaster - the bloke who saw me - after a 90min wait, was staggeringly rude and very drunk, and was one of the reasons I nearly left the industry before I'd really started. There were several people there from that time - including Angus Hyland who was in the year above me at college, and Alan Kitchen - who taught me. I didn't know Angus very well, and Kitching was a horrible man. The both gave me strange looks - but that's mostly because I have one of those faces that makes people  uncomfortable. Perhaps I was something they half remembered from a bad dream. There was some satisfaction in being invited back as a guest when the last time I was there - I'd basically been told to fuck off.

The office is in Notting Hill - it's pretty spectacular, and Notting Hill is another world entierly - it was in the posh part - I really didn't fit in. I never liked that part of town. On the way back to the station the Taxi driver warned us that Bon Jovi and Michael Buble were just 'chucking out' - London was a mad house.... really, no recession there.

Really hot and sunny today - The Tiger Lillies are putting on a free show in Hastings tonight - I only realised this after spending £75 each for a couple of tickets to see them in London later in the year.

My computer needs a new Hard Drive - I'm OK with that - have already taken it on the chin and am looking at suitable replacements.

My fence has been damaged - the bit between me and the old woman next door who keeps complaining - I'm 100% sure the bloke who does her garden did it deliberatly. They can both fuck off.

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