Monday, 22 July 2013


Unbearably hot night - woke up covered in sweat and feeling nauseous. Walked the dogs early to avoid the heat - there were people who had abandoned the camp site and were sleeping in hammocks in the trees. Small dog is constantly clearing pollen from her nose.

Came home to news reports that the 'duchess' of whatever is in the 'very early stages of labour' (conception?) - have decided to avoid the news all day - I am seriously considering going to the cinema. I suppose it's a relief from the early incarnation of the Today program - which appeared to have been edited by an Intern from the Daily Mail.

The whole of twitter has gone into 'stupid' meltdown - even people who are quite sensible are being idiots, Suzanne Moore has managed already to create a poorly observed feminist issue and a bad joke about a cervix.

Too late - they are back on child porn again. What the government is achieving by stealth is state censorship.

Watched a 2 hour Arena special about Harold Pinter last night - despite the 120 mins it was quite a superficial program, but it was made before he died - which might explain things. Not at all critical and lacking in any context.

My cherry tree has delivered about 8 buckets of fruit - after all that dental work I find fruit too difficult, so I'll be giving it all away today - about 30/40 quids worth... what a waste.

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